Dec 21, 2009

Dog Forums

I love being on forums, mostly I contribute to subjects that I know well and feel comfortable with…mainly dog training and behavior. I’ve joined many dog forums since I first started navigating the internet, because of time restrictions I’ve only stuck with a few though. I even made my own dog forum, simply because I wanted to see what it takes to build an online community. Let me tell you it’s been hard albeit really fun. As far as my forum goes I’ve got a few members that contribute regularly, a great group of people! It takes a lot of work on our part to keep the forum looking active.

I honestly think that forums are a great source of information for those looking to become ‘experts’ in a certain subject. Not only do you read info from all sides of the argument, but you meet people that know lots more than you in certain areas, you find links to useful places, and the discussion atmosphere really gets your mind going not only digesting information you would usually do in a regular article website. But honestly it can be a tad hard to integrate yourself into a forum…

Dog Savvies’ Pet Peeves

Probably the topics that I usually see spark up the most heated discussions are those that include: designer breeds, Cesar Millan, Pit bulls, and wolf dogs… but none of these come close to the flaming that any topic regarding dog breeding can generate (although Cesar Millan issues come close…).

The typical responses to people that come to forums to ask advice about their pregnant dog, wanting to breed their dog, or breeding in general include but are not limited to:

“Get your dog fixed”
“You know how many dogs are dying in shelters?”
“You’re a backyard breeder”
“If you have to ask you shouldn’t be breeding”
And of course…. “Don’t feed the troll!”

Dec 17, 2009

My First Post

This is the first time I've ever done blogging. I'm still getting the hang of it but for the most part it doesn't seem too difficult! I hope to post things such as short informative articles, opinions on discussions/news, and anything that happens in my life that is dog-related.

I love writing, website desgning and anything related to dogs! I've combined my interests and have a website up that offers tips and advice for dog owners, you can find it at K9Domain. I also have a dog forum that is connected with k9domain called K9Academy. I usually post content on there and have a wonderful group (albeit small) of people that help with responding and posting themselves.

Soon I'll be posting a bit about my dogs and what things I'm working on training them. Until then!